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We provide a wide range of system integration for IoT systems for domestic and industrial applications. We also specialize in monitoring systems for pumping systems, Human Resource Management, Safety, Environment Monitoring, Water Quality, Agriculture, etc.

PCB design & Fabrication

Our expertise in PCB Design and Fabrication has helped many individuals and companies that require a customized solution for their application. We provide consultation and fabrication starting from the design stage, fabrication, installation, Commissioning and Testing.


We offer auditing consultancy for Health, safety and Environment (HSE), ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, Green Building Assessment, etc. Offered to all related sector including ISO Certification Program Services that accredited by IAS – USA certified by IAF.

Why Us

Our Range of IoT Solutions & Monitoring System


IoT Pumping System Monitoring for Processed water, raw water and waste water

Remote Management for Pumps is a one-of-a-kind solution that, when combined with Re-online MaP’s IoT platform, enables technical employees to remotely monitor the real-time working status of pumps and other equipment in a facility such as processed water, raw water and wastewater.

Sensors attached to the pumps and pumping control cabinets measures abnormality and changes of states during pumps operation 24/7 automatically without human intervention. These changes are automatically stored in a centralised server for future analysis and simultaneously a real-time notification is generated through a customised mobile application or a cloud-based instant messaging platform to the technical personnel.

The Re-Map’s online IoT platform helps the technical team to respond, optimise preventive maintenance, reporting and enable troubleshooting in no time with archived faults on their fingertips.


IoT Flood Observatory System

The IoT (Internet of Things) based Flood Observatory System is a system deployed in flood-prone areas to address the impact of flash floods and seasonal floods on the community.

The flood victims usually have to keep themselves alert and prepare for the worst when it rains or during flooding season. However, rainfall is not biased to the time when the victims are usually caught unprepared as the flood rises to a dangerous level without any indication. The end-user for iFOS include the public, flood victims or residents at flood-prone areas, local authorities and government agencies. The user can monitor the iFOS dashboard directly using their mobile devices and via a web browser for real-time flood status in a respective area. With iFOS, the user can access the water level, flooding probability and real-time warning notification via a public channel, mobile devices, social media (telegram) etc.

The iFOS will help the public and community in flood-prone areas by receiving real-time alerts on water levels and warning to reduce damages to properties and losses due to flood. Often these damages caused by the flood will not be covered under insurance, especially for vehicles and private properties. On the other hand, the alert/warning system can be utilised by respective agencies (e.g. Bomba, Local council, Bilik Gerakan Banjir etc.) for early planning and preparation for victims evacuation activities. While with the collected data, the respective government agencies to make better decisions for future flood mitigation initiatives.


IoT Green Tech Observer

IoT Green Tech Observer was invented in line with the Melaka Green Seal requirements which emphasizes on monitoring of building occupancy parameters. Some of these parameters include energy usage, temperature, humidity, CO2 pressure, equipment status, etc.

With iGTO, other control elements such as Demand-controlled ventilation (DVC) systems can be used to control ventilation according to the number of people occupying a space. The aim is to provide good indoor air quality to the occupants with energy-efficient ventilation.


Gas Monitoring

The IoT Gas Monitoring system will provide a solution to the LPG leakage issue for industrial premises. It can detect any form of gas leakages in an enclosed area and provide hazard notification.

System detection using state of the art microcontroller system using industrial-grade gas sensors at the predetermined level that is connected to a physical alert system (On-site tower lights and buzzer) or with an optional system (visual display placed in the administration office).

IoT Platform created for Data Logger (display information’s in the form of graphs/trending/patterns). The system also has an internal backup for collected data if there is an interrupted internet connection on-site. The system also includes a software based alert system (apps, browser and customized notification for the end-user).

Smart Farming System - Mushroom Greenhouse

The IoT Smart Farming System utilises the Internet of Thing technology (IoT)  for remote monitoring of crops and the essential parameters without human intervention. The IoT technology will be used to monitor the various parameters in a mushroom greenhouse such as temperature, humidity, ventilation fan status and inform the operator/workers if attention is needed. The condition of the mushroom greenhouse should be ideally at 24 degrees Celsius and this temperature setting is very important to ensure maximum crop production yields while the humidity and temperature in the mushroom greenhouse should be monitored 24/7. Therefore, this technology also helps the operator in the data collection process to further enhance the growth of the crops and the maintenance process for optimum production yield.

Water Tank Monitoring System

Water tanks in a building need to be monitored to ensure consistent water supplies to the building. When the power supply for the water pump is tripped, it means that the water supply will also terminate. If there is no action taken immediately to restore the power to the pump, the water level in the tank will reside till it is dry. Until then only the building management will be notified when people need to use the washroom. This scenario is will be very unpleasant to the visitors or occupants of the building especially hotels, resorts, etc which in turn will reflect how bad the service is. Therefore, the Water Tank Monitoring System (WTMS) is designed to monitor the level of the water tank continuously. The alert message will be sent out instantly to the respective building manager, via SMS, mobile applications, Telegram etc in case of critical water level has been reached so that they would take action immediately to avoid more problems.

Blood Donor Scale With Real Time Optimizer System

Many hospitals and polyclinics in Malaysia use a blood scale to measure the amount of blood collected in one pack. This blood scale is an important tool to measure blood by its weight. The estimated conversion of 1 ml of blood is equivalent to 1.06 grams of its weight. The amount of blood should not exceed the stipulated volume for one pack because the pack is prepared with a specific volume of anti-collagen to mix with the blood for better preservation and prevent coagulation. During the blood collection process, the person in charge or the nurse would have to monitor the amount of blood by looking at the blood scale frequently. Excessive blood in one pack means an incorrect mixture of blood with anti-collagen prepared in its pack. The process of monitoring the blood level during collection is very tedious whereby the nurse will have to perform an inspection at the eye level very frequently. Most of the time during the blood donation drive, only several staff nurses are available while the blood donor is so many. If a staff nurse will have to monitor 5 donors simultaneously, then the job will be very much difficult and the percentage of the blood exceeding the stipulated volume may increase.   The smart blood scale is invented to assist the blood collection process where the nurse will not be required to standby near the donor to monitor the blood volume continuously. This smart blood scale will alert the nurse that the amount of blood collected is nearly full by the sound of the buzzer and flashing LED placed at the blood scale. A tower light is placed next to the bed so that the nurse knows the blood level from a distance together with the sound of the buzzer. This system will help the nurse very significantly and thus reduce the need for more manpower during the blood donation drive.

Multipoint Noise Detection For Area Monitoring System

Stand-alone monitoring system without the need for computer interfacing. The process of noise monitoring is performed automatically via a controller placed at the respective production floor. Instant notification to the safety officer via a digital platform. Current system for noise monitoring is done manually through noise measurement by a consultant.

Water Quality - COD, PH, Turbidity, BOD, DO.

Our water quality monitoring system via Internet of Things (IoT) is aimed to provide first hand information on the changes in water quality. Several common chemical characteristics such as pH level, total dissolved solids, turbidity and temperature are among the parameters that can be measured and feed into IoT Platform. The existing measurement method to obtain Water Quality Index (WQI) requires multiple parameters including chemical, physical, and biological measurements which are very costly and had to be done manually thus limits its potential for widespread installation. Therefore, a first hand information on the water quality will help to identify any concerning issues on water quality right as it happens.

Our Qualifications

1. Microsoft Technology Associate: Introduction to Programming Using Python
2. Microsoft Certified Fundamentals: Azure
3. Microsoft Certified Fundamentals: Azure AI
4. Microsoft Certified Fundamentals: Azure Data
5. Microsoft Certified Fundamentals: Power Platform

1. Project Management Ready

1. Application Developer
2. IT Technical Support Specialist
3. Information Technology Specialist: Java
4. Information Technology Specialist: Python
5. Information Technology Specialist: Databases
6. Information Technology Specialist: Software Development
7. Information Technology Specialist: JavaScript
8. Information Technology Specialist: HTML and CSS
9. Information Technology Specialist: HTML5 Application Development
10. Information Technology Specialist: Networking
11. Information Technology Specialist: Network Security
12. Information Technology Specialist: Device Configuration and Management

1. Certified Data Science Practitioner
2. Certified Internet of Things Practitioner (ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024:2012)

1. App Development with Swift (Certified User)
2. App Development with Swift (Associate)
3. App Development with Swift (Level 1)

1. Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 11 Developer
2. Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 8 Programmer
3. Oracle Certified Associate, Cloud Infrastructure 2020 Foundations

About Us

IIOTSME SDN. BHD. 202101003707
Aras 3, No. 1 Jalan TU 43, Taman Tasik Utama, 75450 Ayer Keroh, Melaka

UTeM researchers began with lab size prototypes of breakthrough good sthat have received several national and international invention awards. In 2013, they were a nominee for the MOSTI National Innovation Award. The researchers are recognized by the university as potential industry solution provider. Thus, the company IIOTSME Sdn Bhd was formed as a university spinoff company in February 2021.

IIOTSME Sdn Bhd provides a comprehensive range of tailor-made IoT solutions for the adoption of Industrial Revolution 4.0 in accordance with global industrial digitalisation development.

The incorporation of IIOTSME Sdn Bhd is specializing on innovation and technology products. The company provides engineering management and solutions for various industrial applications for remote monitoring, IoT implementation via multi wireless technology and integrated electronic systems.

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